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Foods to Fuel Your Body When Running in the Heat: Stay Safe in the Heat

Did you know you need to fuel differently when running in the heat? Then, check out how to stay on top of your nutrition during those hot months! Running in the heat is like putting your body in overdrive. So it’s more important than ever to have a hydration plan! Effective management of bodily heat exchange with the environment is more challenging, depending on your specific adaptability and acclimatization to the ambient conditions. But that’s just the start.

Seven Effective Drill and Pace Sets for Triathlon Swim Training That Won’t Bore You

If training for distance swimming in a triathlon feels more like a chore than a charm, you’re not alone. But there are defined best practices when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck with swim training. What you need most is certainty that the time you’re putting in and the work you’re doing is going to pay off. And a little fun along the way won’t hurt, either.

What Triathletes Should Know About Planning Their Best Race Calendar When Competitions Resume

With pool closures and the remainder of 2020 triathlon races being canceled or uncertain, you have a choice: Resign yourself to sedentary pity, or use this age of quarantine to develop your next race season and start training now. Even if registration won’t be open for a while, you can still conduct research on the available races and consider what fits with your goals.

7 Signs You're Over-Exercising: Motivation Sapped? Experiencing Burnout?

Feeling unusually tired? Suffering from a lack of motivation? Over-exercising could be the culprit. Do you feel like you’ve hit the wall but you’re afraid to admit that you could be overdoing it? How much exercise is too much or too little? Do you constantly feel like you’re trying to strike the perfect balance between training enough and resting adequately? There’s a chance you could be experiencing the motivation-sapping, energy-sucky, momentum-stifling symptom of fitness burnout.

Try These Workouts While Waiting to Get Back Into the Water

Swimming is so much more than just an essential life skill. It’s an exceptional cardiorespiratory workout that comes without excessive stress on your joints. But if your pool is closed for an indefinite amount of time, you need a way to try to stay in swim shape, so that it’ll be easier to resume your workout regimen when you can get back in the water. Being in swim shape means to have developed valuable physiological adaptations from swimming. In plain English, that means that you’ve got a le

How Triathletes Can Do a Swimming-Specific Taper for Their Big Race – FINIS Inc

You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as you approach the end of an arduous and dutiful training season for your big triathlon finale. With so many options and opinions on the “correct” way to taper for proper culmination of your season, you may feel rightfully conflicted. Add to that the confounding variable that is the three separate sports within triathlon. So, what’s a triathlete to do?

How to Build a Triathlon Training Plan

The number of competitions in your triathlon season as well as your need to train for three disciplines can make developing a training strategy seem complex, but coming up with the right plan isn’t as difficult as you might think. You need to increase your aerobic capacity for races that require varying levels of endurance, but that’s not your only objective. Perhaps more importantly, you need to physically and mentally prepare for the challenges of each discipline and the unknowns of triathlon

Breathing and Buoyancy in Open Water Swimming

Most triathletes who come from running and cycling backgrounds are well acquainted with "sinking legs syndrome," an imbalance in body position during swimming. With more muscle mass in the legs, it's not surprising that it's a struggle to keep the feet at the surface, especially in an open water swim where lifting the head to sight is required. The instinctive response to get the feet back to the surface is overly vigorous kicking.

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